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Talent Concept

Ningbo Haiyan appliances Glass Technology Co.Ltd take company development strategy and company culture as starting point of the human resources system. The company keep training all staff to be professional and honest.And in the company we try to built a “communication, understanding, trust and forgiveness”work environment and relationship.

We always take staff as the first important resource of the company and committed to the establishment of a fair, competitive, incentive and efficient  talent's mechanism.We also create a good working environment to develop individual personality of each employees.

The company keep to open more channels to attract talent and to encourage the talents to achieve their potential.w Now we already own a excellent working team.

Talents is most valuable for Haiyan. In order to make each employee to be successful,the company management always show strong support such as provide high salary,good welfare and advanced office equipment.

The talents bring the great opportunities for development of Haiyan, and Haiyan  can provide a good stage for all the staff.The constantly developing Haiyan desire you  join. Let us create a better future together.